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Bay Pines VA Health Care System

Department of Veterans Affairs Bay Pines Health Care Systems was experiencing degradation of monochloramine in their potable water distribution system which also had positive results for Legionella bacteria. 


GEAR was awarded an A-E Design-Build project for a continuous water monitoring system that would provide 30-minute updates on water quality in five high-risk buildings. 


The incoming water was tested for pressure, temperature, pH, solids, and residual oxidants. The recirculated hot water system was monitored for temperature and residual oxidants.  GEAR conferred with the VA’s Directive 1061 on Legionella Prevention & Control and ASHRAE’s Standard 188-2015 for Prevention of Legionellosis to set the hi-lo target parameters for alarming. The alarm signals the Energy Control Center whereupon the staff performs troubleshooting and makes any necessary adjustments, fixes, or repairs.

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