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Gainesville VA MEDICAL CENTER e85 fueling stations

The Gainesville VA Medical Center was selected under a VA Directive to install a fueling station to provide E-85 Flex fuels to the fleet of government-owned vehicles at the VAMC. 


GEAR won the project for the Design-Build of an 8,000-gallon, double-wall, ballistic-proof, aboveground fuel storage tank with a mounted fuel dispenser and protective overhead “eye-brow” canopy. 


During the Pre-Design, based on the number of vehicles in the fleet and driver activity, GEAR recommended the VA to relocate the fuel dispenser away from the AST and to an island where there would be two other dispensers and a much larger canopy with cost-saving LED lighting.


GEAR was additionally awarded another E-85 fuel station project with the same requirements for the Lake City VA Medical Center with a more complicated arrangement. The Lake City VA was situated on a slope that forced the fuel dispenser to be moved away from the tank and under a canopy. GEAR successfully performed its job.

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