Design-Build Engineering Services

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Construction Period Services​​

We focus on designing an efficient project, identifying actual and possible challenges early on to mitigate modifications to the design during and after construction.

A-E Design Build Services

With a single contract between the owner and the design-build team, the relationship between designers and builders transforms into an integrated team that successfully completes a project faster, more cost-effectively and with fewer change orders.

Design Drawings & Specifications

We prepare contract drawings to show the locations, character, and dimension of the prescribed work, including layouts, profiles, cross sections, and other details, as well as the compilation of provisions and requirements for the performance of prescribed work.

Importance of Design-Building in Engineering

Design-Build is a project delivery method in the construction industry in which a single entity assumes full ownership of a project. This allows overlapping of the design and construction phases, reducing risks and costs.

GEAR’s experience with government agencies, permitting, and regulatory compliance, serves to reduce the difficulties of a multi-dimensional building or demolition project. Our Design-Build projects involve client consulting to create detailed plans that will fulfill our client's goals.  

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