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Sample Projects

Client: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

When the Louisville District contracted A-E Design-Build projects for the Army Reserve Centers in Florida, GEAR provided Geotechnical services for the West Palm Beach and Sanford, Florida sites. GEAR completed 16 borings over a ten-acre site with one bore to 50 feet to evaluate sinkhole presence.  The geotechnical study included permeability testing and sinkhole evaluation with conclusions and recommendations for storm water control.

Client: Department of Veterans Affairs

 GEAR was awarded an A-E Design-Build project for a continuous water monitoring system that would provide 30-minute updates on water quality in five high-risk buildings.  The incoming water was tested for pressure, temperature, pH, solids, and residual oxidants. The recirculated hot water system was monitored for temperature and residual oxidants.  GEAR conferred with the VA’s Directive 1061 on Legionella Prevention & Control and ASHRAE’s Standard 188-2015 for Prevention of Legionellosis to set the hi-lo target parameters for alarming. The alarm signals the Energy Control Center whereupon the staff performs troubleshooting and makes any necessary adjustments, fixes, or repairs.

Client: Lee County VA Healthcare System

Lee County VA Healthcare System awarded GEAR an A-E Design-Build project to furnish all labor, materials, engineering services, and supervision to design and construct a large screened-in enclosure around the existing outdoor courtyard of the canteen area on the first floor of the Lee County Healthcare facility. The courtyard patio dining enclosure included concrete foundation and sub-floors, with aluminum structural elements.  Construction conformed to all Miami-Dade hurricane standards and ICRA requirements. Including exits for fire egress, lighting, emergency lighting, ceiling fans, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering.

Client: Space Coast Environmental Projects

GEAR was contracted to provide “turnkey” pre-construction services to meet an aggressive schedule for a confidential client in the Space Coast. The scope of work included a NEPA Baseline Assessment and Environmental Assessment, Wetlands Delineation, Endangered Species Survey, Tortoise Relocation, Geotechnical Studies with recommendations, Storm water Design and ERP Permitting, and Site Civil Design.

Client: Kovatch Mobile Equipment

GEAR assessed Rev Group KME’s facility’s subsurface subsidence evaluation, structural integrity, and mine shaft reviews associated with two large assembly plants. Additionally, GEAR provided storage tank closure reports, contamination assessment reports, and remedial action plans.

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GATOR Engineering has surpassed my
expectations of what a Federal Contractor is supposed to, and actually does, for their contract.

Bill Pierce
Contracting Officer - Pinellas County, Florida

GEAR was very professional and pleasant to work with throughout the design

Daniel Peck
Contracting Officer - South Dakota

Strong management team that stayed on top of all issues and provided well thought out solutions when required. Contractor completed all work and provided all reports ahead of schedule.

Danny Weger
Contracting Officer - Tampa, FL

Clear communication avenues and easy to
work with.

Cassaundra Mulligan
VAMC - Augusta, Georgia.

Contractor management has been actively involved to ensure that the VA receives all
information in timely manner.

Kenneth Spohn
VAMC - Hot Springs, South

The Contractor Officer asserts that GEAR performed really well and be recommended for future use.

Melissa Keene
NAVFC Contract Specialist