The GEAR Team

Meet Our Team Members

Gator Engineering & Aquifer Restoration Inc.
Experience Makes The Difference

Nelson N. Wilson
P.G., Principal Geologist, President
Mr. Wilson is the owner of Gator Engineering & Aquifer Restoration Inc (GEAR). Mr. Wilson, a Navy Veteran, is a qualified Professional Geologist with over 34 years of experience.
Mike Hill
P.E., Principal Engineer, Vice President
Mr. Mike Hill is GEAR’s qualifying professional engineer and Vice President with over 30 years of experience.

Norman Hatch
Senior Engineer
Norman “Norm” Hatch is GEAR’s senior professional engineer and Vice President with over 38 years of experience.

Daisy Lopez
Environmental Engineer
Sophia Terrazas
Geophysical Engineer
Jordan Wilmont
Geologist 1
Juliet Wilson
Administrative and Accounting Officer
Elgin Owens
Engineering Technician
Adam Earl
Engineering Technician
Hector Cornejo
Controls Engineer


GATOR Engineering has surpassed my
expectations of what a Federal Contractor is supposed to, and actually does, for their contract.

Bill Pierce
Contracting Officer - Pinellas County, Florida

GEAR was very professional and pleasant to work with throughout the design

Daniel Peck
Contracting Officer - South Dakota

Strong management team that stayed on top of all issues and provided well thought out solutions when required. Contractor completed all work and provided all reports ahead of schedule.

Danny Weger
Contracting Officer - Tampa, FL

Clear communication avenues and easy to
work with.

Cassaundra Mulligan
VAMC - Augusta, Georgia.

Contractor management has been actively involved to ensure that the VA receives all
information in timely manner.

Kenneth Spohn
VAMC - Hot Springs, South

The Contractor Officer asserts that GEAR performed really well and be recommended for future use.

Melissa Keene
NAVFC Contract Specialist