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Environmental Services


Remedial Design and Implementation​

We offer soil and groundwater remediation services, as well as environmental engineering consultation to guide our clients with strong technical support throughout the design and implementation of the remediation process.

Wetland Survey

Environmental Site Assessments​

An environmental assessment identifies potential or existing contamination liabilities and allows the buyer or lender to make an informed decision as to the potential environmental risk associated with the purchase of the property.

Invasive Species

We conduct threatened and endangered species evaluations in accordance to requirements for most state and federally funded and/or permitted projects. If specific habitat or species are observed, we will perform a more detailed survey during a specific time of the year that agrees with the species’ migration and life cycle patterns.

Wetland Survey

Storage Tank Closure & Assessment

Upon discontinuance of use of a storage tank, the owner must empty the tank and either remove it or seal it. The area around the storage tank must be restored in a manner that prevents any future release. If contamination is present the site must be cleaned up in accordance with the proper corrective action procedures.

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Due Diligence & Acquisitions

We help our clients to develop a growth strategy based on their goals, approaching a due diligence-oriented integration to provide our clients with the confidence and support they need to achieve their objectives.

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Asbestos and Lead Services​

Several types of disease can result from exposure to asbestos and lead. We assess our clients to identify and manage asbestos and lead problems, from the initial inspection through the removal process.

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